Hello there! 

I'm Heidi. For more than a decade I've been lucky enough to work as a character animator on lots of fun and interesting projects, both small and large in NYC. 

I got my start working on preschool shows such as Wonder Pets, 3rd and Bird, and Team Umi Zoomi. This lead to work on other preschool properties like Small Potatoes, the Moose A. Moose interstitials for Nick Jr. and various interstitials for Sprout. I've also animated on some more grown up commercial work, including Google's Androidify campaign and a delightful Ben and Jerry's ad that left me with a temporary addiction to cookie dough ice cream.

Most recently, I was staff animator at the Brooklyn office for Toca Boca, where I worked on the Toca TV app, which included lots of animations for original content. Unfortunately, the Brooklyn office of Toca Boca closed too soon, so now I'm back in the world of freelance.

I specialize in using Adobe After Effects -- seriously, it's amazing in terms of all the amazing things it can do to bring a character to life. While I mostly live in AE, I also use Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator for editing and creating/prepping elements.

Here's a wee bit more about myself: I live in Brooklyn with a charming gentleman from Minnesota and our fretful grey cat. When not in front of the computer, I enjoy gardening on our back porch. In addition to growing plants I also enjoy taking photos of plants and nature.

Thanks for visiting my site!